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Alicia Lowe
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Hair Colour Blonde
Occupation Dancer
Nationality Canadian (Regina, Saskatchewan)
Alias(es) Alicia
'The Dancer'
First Appearance Down in L.A.
Portrayed by Chelan Simmons

Alicia Lowe is a sensitive, aspiring dancer from Regina who will do whatever it takes to make ends meet. She is portrayed by Chelan Simmons.


Alicia is auditoning for the Usher tour where she succesfully makes it through the second round. She decides to celebrate this with a pool party at The Lux that night. She explains to Eddie that she'll get a call whether she made it or not on the next day at 3. The next day, she visits Nick at the coffee shop he works at where she tells him to focus on his big show that night. Meanwhile, she's having problems focusing herself waiting for the call. Unfortunately, the call doesn't come and the moment goes. Alicia finally faces the fact that she didn't make the part at almost 7 pm that night. Later that night, Abby runs into Alicia in the hallway and she offers Abby a job to earn her some money and since she knows Abby is an illegal immigrant.


Rick Lloyd[]

After covering for her one night at the club, Alicia and Rick ended up being great friends and eventually into a relationship, which leads to the sex tape being made.


  • Alicia is 26 years old. In reality, Chelan Simmons was 29 years old.