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Vital statistics
Gender Female
Hair Colour Blonde
Occupation Actress
Nationality -
Alias(es) Sheila Jennings (role)
First Appearance Do Something
Portrayed by Kate Todd

Katee is an actress who plays the role of Sheila Jennings in Critical Unit, a television series she co-stars in with Connor Lake.


Connor tells Katee to come by his trailer to rehearse some lines. She later arrives, only to be disappointed after she finds out that 'let's rehearse some lines' wasn't "code" for sex.

A depressed Connor and Katee finally have sex in his trailer one day, only to be interrupted by Abby. Later, after Connor repetitively fails to impress the director while filming a scene for the show, Katee gets an earful from the director who is yelling at Connor for not being able to ace his part and not being emotional enough.


Connor Lake[]

Connor is Katee's co-star and she seems to show some interest for him.