Vital statistics
Gender Male
Hair Colour Brown
Occupation Actor
Nationality -
Alias(es) Ricky
First Appearance Do Something
Portrayed by Aaron Abrams

Rick Lloyd is an actor struggling to make it back in the business.


Pretending to be a demanding customer, Rick is at the strip club and interrupts Alicia Lowe's attempts to get out of work for an audition. The manager refuses to let Alicia go, so she decides to go to the champagne room with Rick. He covers for the thankful Alicia, who he lets go to her audition while he waits here in the champagne room. Upon returning, Alicia explains that she didn't make it, so Rick takes her to a red carpet event that evening after he says that he was once a famous actor and he knows how hard it is to be in the entertainment business. Rick drives Alicia home and the two share a kiss.

Rick says to Alicia that they need to talk and she opens up to him. It turns out Rick and his agent have pitched the idea of a sex tape between Rick and Alicia. Despite her moments of doubt, Alicia agrees. Later that night, the two are alone in the room, with Rick holding the camera. He gets nervous and says to Alicia that is she doesn't want to do it, then they don't have to. But she calms him down and takes charge.


Alicia Lowe

Rick shows quite an attraction to Alicia, which leads to the sex tape.


  • In Do Something, it is revealed that he was once famous but not anymore and is struggling to get back, similar to Raquel Westbrook's situation.
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