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Tariq Muhammad
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Hair Colour Brown
Occupation Intern for acclaimed record producer DyNasty
Hip-Hop songwriter & producer
Nationality Canadian (Montreal, Quebec)
Alias(es) Tariq
'The Intern'
Carl Winslow [ epi4 ]
First Appearance Down in L.A.
Portrayed by Benjamin Charles Watson

Tariq Muhammad is a confident and talented Montreal hip-hop artist with a secret of his own. He will be portrayed by Benjamin Charles Watson.


While picking up clothes at the dry cleaners for Dynasty and Jamaica Jay, Tariq gets a call from his friend Abby, who needs help with her broken car. Tariq gets Nick to help Abby with her car. That night during the pool party at The Lux, Abby encourages Tariq to force the two hip hop producers (Dynasty and Jamaica Jay) to listen to his beats. After Connor and Abby leave, Tariq tells Nick that introducing your hot friend to the girl you like isn't exactly the best idea. In the studio the next day, Tariq offers to 'help' the producers by giving them one of his beats for a Drake track they're working on. Dynasty agrees to it but turns off the beats two seconds into the song. They leave the studio laughing at Tariq with two tasks: the first one is to clean up the Chinese food they were eating and second is to send Drake's people three tracks. Once they leave, Tariq decides to put in one of his own tracks with the other three on the email. Later that day, Dynasty calls Tariq and tells him that he knows Tariq put in one of his own tracks. Fortunately, Drake liked it but Dynasty tells Tariq never to do that again.


Tariq and Kaldrick[]

They started their relationship in secret and fell in love. Until one night later when he hurt him