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    hey its karina again :) <3
  • its good im finally seeing difrrent people on here now i rememberd when i was the only one on here lol XD
  • so faar season 2 is so awesome ii loved almost every episde <3
  • so far my favorite chracters are Nick, Connor , Raquel , Beth , ( i used to like Abby but she becoming a hoe big time!) , Sabrina (sometimes) and i think thats it so far
  • ughhh im fucking miss Tariq and Alicia its not the same without them </3 o dont think there coming back :(
  • Degrassi survey if your a Degrassi Fan feel free to answer these questions_
  • who are your favorite characters? ^________________________^
  • who are your favorite couples?
  • did you like season 12 so far?
  • what was your favorite storyline?
  • are you pumped for October 12?
  • anyways thats all i had to say for right now till next time karina <3 XOXO :) smiley face!!