la complex episode descriptions for rules of thirds!

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  • hey karina here :) im going to do another blog just becuase i feel like it! xP
  • im goin to give the descriptions for tommarows epiiisode since this whack ass wiki doesint have any new up too date info ect.... xD
  • main plot is _ kaldrick reaches a crossroads
  • second plot _ connor encounters someone from jenifers past ughhhh OMFG watch it be her ex boyfriend or something i hope it is soo that hoe can stop cock blocking raquel and connor relationship <3 ( still cant come with a name for thm DX xP)
  • third plot _ nick learns sabrina is up to her old tricks. ughhhhh i realy dont want coonnor and sabrina too happen still upset bout last weeks episode ending :( </3
  • fourth plot abby comes to realize that she might be in over her head
  • and thats it maybe i will write another blog bout my reactions and such thats if i feel like it!! any way till next time karina <3 XOXO :D
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