L.A. Complex Wiki
  • in the first scene of the promo you see beth with some guy at a resturaunt i think she may be possibly on a date with him and she tells him there is a hotel at this resturaunt right?
  • than it shows a flash back from last weeks episode where raquel got hit by that car and was in an acciedent
  • than abby is talking with her costar and she tells him that she realy likes him!!!! that broke my NABBY heart :/ </3
  • than you see kal is talking with his manager and producer they are arguing and the producer guy tells him that he needs to finish the album
  • than beth goes back to the hotel with that sleezy guy she was on a date with and its obvi there going to have sex
  • than that girl connor is fake dating GRRRRRR.... is hugging him and say oh my god i guess he told her the news about what happend to raquel
  • than you see people having a party and there just chilling by the pool i think its at kals manision becuase when the manager was bitching at kal itlooks like he was in a party scene
  • than kal gets into a fight with the his manager? than his producers like your running out of friends real quik
  • and that was the end of the promo! karina <3 XOXO ;D