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  • hey this is karina im gonna give my review on the season 2 permire of the complex im gonna talk about what i liked and didint like hope you like it _ karina <3 XOXO
  • i loved that raquel is trying to get along with connor and wants to spend a lot of time with him!!! but im upset becuase she is having a hard time telling him that she is pregnant but im so happy that they are finaly a couple <3333 and i was so happy
  • im glad that nick and abby are still together but abby didint get the part in the show she had to clean the hotels in the lux and only made $50 but nick told her that he got the part in the comedy act show and she told him that she made her show they kiss but i have a feeling that they will have problems becuase he didint tell her that sabrina his ex booty call will be his partner and that will cuase problems
  • i was sad that alicia left to go to the porn company i hope she comes back soon!!!!! :(
  • i hated how tariq was leaving back to canada to start over and to get over kal i wanted to give him a BIG hug when i saw him all sad i wanted to cry :.( i felt so bad
  • i wonder what is up with that girl and her little brother ? there poor and live in a car i knew something was wrong
  • and than there was the big shock of the episode kal killed himself well i think he did as much as i hate the guy i did not picture that i was soooo speechless and there you have it
    i hoped you liked it i wil be making more review blogs for new episodes coming this summer and dont forget to wach new episodes of the la complex on tuesdays peace out!!! _ karina <3 XOXO